before & after scalp micropigmentation

I had my hair done in December 18 and I am so glad I took the leap. First and foremost the culture behind this and the people are brilliant. I genuinely felt at ease and they installed a confidence that no matter how long it took, the job would get done to perfection and until I was happy. I would highly recommend these guys. The results are brilliant, the company was a pleasure and the cost was very reasonable. The Alexa seemed to have a mind of her own, which worked out well when ABBA was requested.

Mark Jance / Hornchurch

Came to see Gareth for a couple of sessions of scalp micro-pigmentation at Tong hall which is a stunning building on the outskirts of Bradford. Gareth couldn’t have been any more accommodating and have a real eye for detail and perfection which is exactly what you need with this procedure. The work done on my scalp was pretty much pain free and was only slightly uncomfortable on certain areas of the scalp although everyone’s pain threshold is different. If you’re thinking of getting this done I would highly recommend the guys at Inked in. Feeling great again with my new hairline back where it should be.

Simeon Zapala / Bradford

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